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Controls: z: rotate left, x: rotate right, ,: shoot missile, m: thrusters, n: slow down, p: pause, q: quit.

Java not available

It seems that your browser does not support Java applets, Java has been turned off or some firewall or proxy server filters them out. Unfortunately this means that you cannot play StarMines for Java unless you can fix this problem.

Special thanks to programmer Jari Karjala For allowing us to showcase this amazing game!

This month's Hall of Fame. See also the all time Hall of Fame.

StarMines for Java is Copyright © 1998-2004 Jari Karjala.

   Some tips:

  • If the controls do not seem to work, click the applet to give it keyboard focus
  • You can also use arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot (better with strange keyboard layouts)
  • Shoot the rotating bonusoid containers to release the bonusoids
  • Collect the flying bonusoids by colliding to them, missile hit destroys them
  • Mine wave is complete when all bonusoids have been collected or you are alone
  • You can get more missiles and extra ships by collecting bonusoids
  • You can use warp tunnels to exit known levels quickly (you get half the bonusoids...)
  • Everything else is dangerous to touch and good for target practise...
  • Some mines require many hits to be destroyed (or just one well-timed hit)
  • Note that only the best high score for each player is saved to the Hall of Fame.

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