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Web toys and Doodads
Interactive Fun for your profile!

Work out your funny bone with hezbollah leader Sheik Nasrallah! (And blow him up a few times!!)


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The Disappearing Bikini!

Something just about every guy dreams of!


If Condoms had Sponsors!

Hey it could happen!!


The DENSA Test!

You've probably heard of Mensa, the group for geniuses, well the Densa test is even harder than theirs, and it's More Fun too!!


The Loser test!

The test you Can't Possibly Pass!


Magic 8-Ball!

Mental marvin's Magic 8-Ball will answer life's toughest questins. The answers are different depending on how hard you shake it!


Pull My Finger!

Endless minutes of slightly disgusting Fun! Pull my finger for 8 random "sounds"!!


Smiley Moon!

Ever wonder what a smiley looks like from behind?!


Flash Games
Our collection of original Flash games!
Bartender Blues!

Can you survive Happy Hour?!


Bomber Pigeon!

You get to be the Pigeon!
Fly over the neighborhood, and "bomb" everything that moves!


Spaced Invaders!

A faithful remake of the arcade classic,
with four levels of intergalactic mayhem!


Redneck Rampage!

Bubba the redneck shows up at his job at the Chicken packing plant
to find out the chickens are fighting back! Help bubba protect the plant and his Job!


Holiday Games
Add some holiday Fun to your profile!!
Trick or Trash!

Timmy's Halloween Adventure!
It's raining candy! Help little Timmy catch candy, but avoid the rocks!!


War On Christmas!

Go ahead, Make my Holiday!
Help Santa stop the Evil Penguins from stealing Christmas!


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