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  Smiley Invaders   

Original game design by ©2000 amIbleeding.com
Additional Graphics by Rich Cavanaugh, Fun D Mental.com

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To play the Game:

Left/Right Arrows Move Ship. SPACE Fires.

Object: Destroy all the invading smileys before they're able to land on Earth(the bottom of the game).

Be Warned: The smileys aren't stupid; and as they're defeated, they get progressively smarter, faster, and more upset with your attempts to prevent their invasions. Your shields may take up to 4 direct hits (from you or the smileys) before being destroyed. Coming in contact with a smiley will kill both you and it.If a smiley contacts a shield, they will both be destroyed. If a smiley lands, your mission is a failure. Enjoy!

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