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New words you won't find in the Dictionary......But Should!


The sudden realization that you've been an idiot for far too long.

"John had a Stupiphany when he caught his wife sleeping with his boss"

The sound your mouth makes
when you swish a liquid around in it.

"Take 1/4 cup of mouthwash, Oodja it around a few times, then spit it out"

Slow, Lethargic, Lacking action.

"I felt so Podulous, that I gave up my housework and plopped in front of the TV"

The act of conversing with someone in the same room
via text messages, or IM,
instead of face to face.

Combination of Gigantic, and Enormous

"Bob's New Hummer is Ginormous!"

To bother and annoy others around you
to the point where they avoid your company.

"Joe's constant complaining led to
the total Annoyilation of his friends,
and he died lonely"

Ringtone D.J.
An annoying person who shuffles through his/her ringtones incessantly

Desperate means employed when you
haven't studied for a multiple choice exam.

"man1-How did you do on your test?
man2-I don't know, I didn't study, so I pulled an ABACADABA."

And Finally.....

A medical condition where the patient's head
is lodged firmly up their Butt.

"Don't listen to that guy, he suffers from a bad case of Cranial-Rectalitis"

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