Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?
A: He had no body to dance with.

What do you say to a ghost with three heads?
A: Hello, hello, hello.

What is a ghosts favorite ride at the midway?
A: A roller ghoster!!

Why does the Mummy keep his Band-aids in the refrigerator?
A: He wants to use them later for cold cuts!!

What is a baby ghost's favorite game?
A: Peek-a-boo!

What is a Mummies' favorite type of music?
A: Wrap!

What is a vampire's favorite holiday?
A: Fangsgiving.

What did the baby ghost eat for dinner?
A: A boo-loney sandwich.

What kind of street does a ghost like best?
A: A dead end.

Who does a ghoul fall in love with?
A: His ghoul friend.

Who are some of the werewolves cousins?
A: The whatwolves and the whenwolves.

What do you call a dog owned by Dracula?
A: A blood hound.

What kind of hot dogs do werewolves like best?
A: Hallowieners.

Where do little ghosts learn to yell "BOO!"?
A: In noisery school.

How can you tell when windows are scared?
A: They get shudders.

Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?
A: It didn't have the guts...

What did Dracula say when he kissed his vampire girlfriend?
A: Ouch...

How do monsters tell their future?
A: They read their horrorscope...

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
A: No, they eat the fingers separately...

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?
A: Frostbite...

What does a ghost get when he falls and scrapes his knee?
A: A boo boo...

Why do witches use brooms to fly on?
A: Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy...

What did one ghost say to the other ghost?
A: "Do you believe in people?"

What do you call someone who puts poison in a person's corn flakes?
A: A cereal killer...

What is a ghost's favorite mode of transportation?
A: A scareplane...

What does a vampire never order at a restaurant?
A: A stake sandwich...

What do birds give out on Halloween night?
A: Tweets...

Why do vampires need mouthwash?
A: They have bat breath...

Why did the Vampire subscribe to the Wall Street Journal?
A: He heard it had great circulation...

Did you hear about the cannibal boy that was 8 before he was 7?

Did you hear about the cannibal who was expelled from school?
A: He was buttering up his teacher...

What does a cannibal get when he comes home late for dinner?
A: The cold shoulder...

What did the mother ghost say to her son?
A: Don't spook unless you are spooken to...

What kind of pants do ghosts wear?
A: Boojeans...

What does a child monster call his parents?
A: Mummy and Deady...

Where do ghosts go swimming?
The dead sea...

What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house?
A: Hope it's Halloween...

What did the three vampires order at the bar?
A: Two bloods and a blood light...

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