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It's summer, and that means shipping the kids off to Summer Camp.
Just remember, some camps are better than others!
Here are some signs that the summer camp you chose isn't one of the better ones!!

To earn the Hiking Badge, you're blindfolded,
piled into a truck and taken 30 miles outside of town.

You swear you've seen one of the counselors on America's Most Wanted.

The "campground" is some guy's back yard.

The guy who starts the campfire every night is always muttering..
"Sure they caught the real Unabomber..yeah right."

You're locked in an unairconditioned cabin,
and forced to make shoes for Nike.

On one of the nature hikes,
one of the counselors plays the banjo and the other tells you that
you have a real pretty mouth.

Camping under the stars involves a trip to the Neverland Ranch.

The Most popular camper is always the one
seen showering with the counselors the most.

One of the counselors is just a little too willing
to dress up like a woman needing CPR
during the First Aid course.

And the Number 1 sign that you are at a Bad summer Camp,

You never knew there was a Beerdrinking Merit Badge.

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